About Journeys

About Us

At Journey’s Counseling Center Orlando, our hope is to help you lead a life that is compelling, authentic, and free! While we can’t change the difficult situations of your past or present, we will work together with you to discover creative and transformative new ways of living.

Whether you are seeking support and guidance for general emotional health, relationship or marriage counseling, recovery from addiction, or recovery from the wounds of abuse, we believe that your journey of counseling will involve the profound work of learning about your self and your relationships; it will mean choosing new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting; and it will inevitably mean more freedom, growth, and joy!

Our office in Orlando is located in downtown Maitland and offers a safe, supportive, and relaxed atmosphere. Our counselors care deeply for people, are insightful, and are well trained to work with individuals, couples, and families on a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues.