Mark Nicks

Mark Nicks, M.A., M.Div.

IMH 13705

Mark was a touring musician for 13 years. In 2011, he and his wife Brandy moved from Nashville, TN to Orlando to attend Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS). In May of 2015, Mark graduated with his Master of Arts in Counseling and his Master of Divinity. Over the past years Mark and Brandy have fallen in love with the City Beautiful and made it their home. In addition to counseling, Mark is a song writer and music producer at a local studio. Mark lives in College Park with Brandy and their two cats Luna and Gidget.

During his time at RTS, Mark counseled adolescents, adults, couples, and led groups for individuals who are dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one. Having lost his own father during his training at RTS, helping others deal with grief and loss has become a large part of Mark’s story and his specialty in counseling. Additionally, Mark works with youth and college students at his church, and this has also been a population that Mark has grown skilled in counseling.

Mark holds the conviction that we were not created for suffering, loss, and confusion, but those are realities that we have to confront in this broken world. Because we do not inherently know how to deal with all these things, from time to time, we all need help navigating through these hard realities. Mark would be honored to be able to walk alongside you as you work through your difficulties whether it is depression, anxiety, confusion, marital difficulty, or just needing someone to listen.

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Mark is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality of your questions, concerns, and comments. Your emails along with any other forms of communication remain private and confidential(with the few exceptions mandated by Florida state law concerning abuse and/or threat to harm oneself or someone else).

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