Olivia Litwiller

Olivia Litwiller, M.A. LMHC 12236

As someone who has embarked on her own counseling experiences, both in times of peace and chaos, voluntarily and court-ordered, Olivia understands the internal battle when beginning therapy. Aware of the courage it takes to start the process, Olivia strives to give you a safe place where the counseling journey can evolve at the pace that feels natural for you. She takes a relational approach to therapy and full-heartedly believes that freedom and healing can come as light is shown on the hidden and unspoken parts of your story. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Taylor University and her Master of Arts in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary. She is particularly passionate about working with teens/young adults, victims of abuse and trauma, and relationship issues across the board. Although she does not claim to be an expert in all areas, Olivia knows what it feels like to be overwhelmed by darkness and hopelessness and has witnessed redemption time and time again in her own life, and in the lives of many others.

While Olivia is no stranger to heartache, both in and out of the counseling realm, she is also drawn to “play” in whatever capacity is brought her way. Whether it is some innocent mischief with her husband of nine years, a road trip with good friends, or traveling overseas to explore and fall in love with other cultures, everything she does is done with great passion and zest for life. Olivia is also no stranger to rest and finds solace in Art. She loves to paint, decorate, and restore beauty to old treasures. One of Olivia’s favorite things to utilize in the counseling room is Art Therapy, a form of psychotherapy that encourages self-expression through painting, drawing, collaging, etc. Come and journey with her!

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Olivia is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality of your questions, concerns, and comments. Your emails along with any other forms of communication remain private and confidential(with the few exceptions mandated by Florida state law concerning abuse and/or threat to harm oneself or someone else).

To schedule an appointment with Olivia, please contact our office manager, Laura.

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